1. Craft beer candle holders.
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  2. I’ve cream beer float. Hello summer.

  3. brewshack:

    Silly Saison…

    …and a competition / giveaway / trade or whatever…

    As I have mentioned in a couple of other posts I have been brewing up some saison recently, after becoming a little bit bonkers about this style of beer. The WLP566 Saison II yeast I employed has damn near been the quickest fermenting yeast I have had the fortune to use and it in darn near rinsed through all the sugary 1044 wart had to offer in a shade over 72hrs…

    Looks like the fruits of this labor are going to be mighty fine… 

    Speaking of fruit, rather than end up with 5 gallons of the same beer I decided to split this up, in to various 1 gallon versions. So the other night I racked a gallon onto pasteurised Raspberries (with ginger) and a further gallon on to Blackberries (with Star Anise) - I decided to add the spices to give the fruit additions a second dimension that hopefully will make them stand out a shade further! 

    • BUT why is there a third Demi John I here you say???
    • Well thats because there will be one further fruit version…
    • Oh yeah and what is it going to be??? 
    • Well thats a secret…

    However it dawned on me the other day that I have been brewing for a full 365 days as of next month, it seems just like yesterday that I was giddy newbie brewing up a St Peters IPA beer kit and to celebrate I am going to give a bottle away (of your choice of the fruit Saisons + one standard)…

    IF you can guess what the 3rd fruit flavour is going to be they’re yours!

    Like the others there is going to be a spice addition also, but i don’t expect that to be guessed. I would like to add one caveat, if you’re overseas and you guess correct I would ask for a trade of some sort of swap in return, don’t care if its home brew or a commercial but postage is damned expensive so is only fair right?  

    If you are interested, comment here, send me a message, email me…

    Answers on a postcard to brewshack(at)gmail.com 

    Good luck and thanks for reading…





  4. I made some more beer… Another Rye Pale Ale.

    This is a little overdue as it’s been ready for a while now, but I only labeled it up the other night…

    I’ve currently got a cream ale fermenting away which I’m excited about!

    I’ve also got big plans for brewing 4 beers for my sisters wedding! They will only be 1 gallon batches but I’m going to put them all in mini kegs and serve them as half pints, haven’t decided yet whether to ask for a ‘donation’ or just give it away for free?!

    My plan is to brew the following:

    Grapefruit Honey Ale

    Summer Wheat Beer

    Blackberry Red Ale

    Single Hop IPA (haven’t decided on the hop yet?!)

    If anyone has any ideas of suggestions on recipies to try for the wheat, or IPA, I’m all ears!

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  6. My latest beer to be graced with home made/designed labels.

    Midnight Hop.

    Cascadian Dark Ale.

    Can’t wait to drink this bad boy!

  7. My latest Beers:

    Dead Pony Club Clone, this was made to be readying for NYE drinking and boy it didn’t disappoint! I’d be hard pushed to tell this apart from the real thing… I went with pink for the label as it was a sort of ‘inverse’ colour from the real things turquoise label. Called it brew cat, to avoid any possible copyright issues! This is my last bottle, saving it for a ‘rainy day’ I think!

    Champagne Beer, this one was also brewed to be ready for NYE as I figured why not drink a champagne beer rather that the other bubbly stuff to ring in the new year. Made with champagne yeast, it had an interesting flavour very similar to that of the real thing. I used Nelson Sauvin Hops for the white wine flavour too.

    Milk Stout, this is my second attempt at this beer; the first one resulted in bottle gushing! So far the ones I’ve sampled so far taste nice. Sweet finish, and not too strong on the alcohol so could almost be a session beer. Will take this along to he home brewer club meeting and see what others make of it!

    Curious Kiwi, this is my las test beer, basically an IPA but with New Zealand hops. I used Pacifica and Kohatu hops which I bought cheap ages ago! I’m leaving this another week or so before I try him, so fingers crossed it tastes good!

    I’m fairly well stocked on beers now, maybe I should host some sort of beer drinking party!?

  8. Home made Hop Spider.

    Long overdue bit of home brewing kit, my hop spider will now allow me to add hop additions mid boil into a hop bag without scalding myself!

    Very simple to make, the hardest part was finding a suitable bit of pipe to act as the funnel for the hops. After a search on the internet and a courier who wouldn’t leave the part with my neighbour it’s finally ready!

    Can’t wait to try it this weekend!

    Stay tuned for pics of it in action!

  9. • “Nando Mambo” •

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    (at Victoria Deep Water Terminal)

  10. Last night was wet, glad I was somewhere warm and dry…. (at BrewDog)